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Attention Warbird Freaks and Aviation buffs

If you haven't read The Stonewall File, Budd's newest novel, you're missing a great read. Among other things, the hero owns a P-40 (lucky bastard).

This is a terrific adventure tale of a modern day Baby Boomer trying to find out why his dad's B-17 mysteriously disappeared while on one of the last bombing raids of WWII. His seemly simple requests stir up a real hornet's nest and puts him on the run. A really fun variety of airplanes appear in both supporting and starring roles.

Go to Stonewall File for a couple of sample chapters and how to order the book. However, fair warning: those who have read it say it cost them sleep because they couldn't put it down.

Also, Budd will autograph it, if you want. These would be great Xmas gifts.