What readers and reviewers say about The Stonewall File

You, Mr. Davisson, are an evil man. Sending Stonewall File out on a schedule that has it arrive during the workweek. Because of you, I got very little sleep last night and am now staggering through the morning. —Terry Pierce

Budd--WOW! I mean, WOW! Talk about intrigue, spanning two generations . I would ask when the movie will be made, but I know now that if it was, I would be disappointed.—Judy Meade

Sport Aviation Review, February, 2003 ... this one grabs you right at the prologue...this book won't let you take your eyes off it until you reach the end. A tip to the wise: don't start it before bedtime, unless you enjoy sunrises.

If you like John Grisham or Tom Clancy stuff, then you'll love this book. Great characters, good action right from the start—Barry Schutt

What readers and reviewers say about Cobalt Blue

Patty Wagstaff, (IAC chatroom) - "Cobalt Blue - Budd's new book, is simply GREAT! You won't be disappointed. Buy this book, so he'll write another one...please."

Flight Journal Magazine - "Davisson's new novel sucked me in and I finished it in one day. He has crafted a clever story, with an unusual string of eclectic characters that's a real page-turner."

Plane and Pilot Magazine - "If you like Budd's sometimes twisted humor and down home philosophy, you're going to LOVE Cobalt Blue."

A short synopsis of each of Budd Davisson's novels follows along with the prologues and first couple of chapters. Click on the titles and take a look. They aren't strictly "airplane books", but airplanes figure heavily in the plots and they're fun reading. Take your pick. $12.50 each plus $3.50 each shipping and handling.

Cobalt Blue - Bizarre adventure in Arizona desert. L-5 Stinson and helicopters play leading roles.

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The Stonewall File - Modern baby boomer searches for fate of his father in WWII and uncovers incredible plot. Everything that flies is in this one.

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