Grassroots and Editorials

September, 07

Ten New Ones are up!!

Although I'm known for raising procrastination to a higher art form, I finally got around to putting some more of these things up. Hopefully, I can get another half dozen or so in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Name Changes
The monthly column started out as Instructors Side (June, 1969), then Student's Corner, then became Grassroots around 1974 and ran in Air Progress until about 1991. It still runs today in Plane and Pilot. Editorials and Edge of the Envelope columns appearing in Flight Journal are also included here.

Grassroots Today
Any who have followed Grassroots have shared the ups and downs of what has turned out to be a satisfying and varied life. It's been unreal and the readers of Grassroots helped make it happen. Saying thank you is entirely inadequate, so, come on over and I'll buy you a drink.