N35- 1961
Although the airframe modifications in the “N” model were relatively cosmetic in nature, they were very visible because they include the long rear window which many see as the first of the “modern” Bonanzas. This window was possible because they ran the upper portion of the rear fuselage bulkhead back which allowed for a much longer utility shelf above the baggage compartment.

A more meaningful change happened under the hood where the 0-470 was increased to 260 horsepower. The fuel system feeding the new power was modified to reduce the number of separately switched tanks from the original four tanks, each of which had a separate position on the selector, to only two tanks, but the total increased to 80 gallons.

Model Year Prices Speed, knots
N35 1961 $43,500 170 - 260 hp

P35 - 1962
The “P”models got a few costmetic changes, but the most noticeable was an instrument panel revamp that removed the original “piano key” switches from the panel.

Model Year Prices Speed, knots
P35 1962 $63,500 170 hp - 260

A third generation of Bonanza was born with the “S” model because the 0-470 was tossed out in favor of a healthy IO-520 with 285 horses. With this engine, the Bonanza reached it’s zenith in terms of power plants until the turbo charged models came along two years later. The “S” also introduced regular seats way back in the rear of the cabin that faced forward. They had messed with an optional 5th seat since the 1961 “N” model, but it was a marginal seat. With the “S” they had real seats back there. With slightly less than 1,400 pounds useful, the airplanes could carry six people and still fill the 50 gallon standard (80 gallons, optional) tanks as long as no one carried any baggage.

The “S” also introduced the three-blade prop as an option.

Model Year Prices Speed, knots
S35 1964 $78,000 178 -285 hp

V35, V35TC - 1966-67
Although the airframe was virtually untouched, the customer was given a choice of two engines; the normally asperated IO-520-B of 285 hp or the TIO-520-D, also of 285 hp, but it could hold rated power to 19,000 feet which made it a fast motor scooter. Where the standard V35 topped out at 210 mph, the turbo charged version was good for a solid 250 mph and could deliver a 75% cruise speed at 24,000 feet of 230 mph. The TC gave up 60 pounds of useful load, but it could still carry six people and fill the 50 gallon standard tanks.

The V35A and B, along with the companion TC models didn’t change significantly, except for a major interior redesign with the 1972 models. In 1975 they got a larger cargo door. From that point on, most of the changes, until production ceased on the “V” tail Bonanza in 1982 were small equipment and cosmetic changes. Incidentally, the average retail value of a 1982 Bonanza is about $170-$180,000, which is exactly what their equipped price was when new.

Model Year Prices Speed, knots
V35 1966 $82,500 177
V35TC 1966 $90,500 195
V35A 1968 $91,500 177
V35A-TC 1968 $97,000 200
V35B 1970 $98,000 172
V35B-TC 1970 $105,000 200 disc. 1970
V35B 1975 $125,000 172
V35B 1980 $150,000 172
V35B 1982 $168,000 172 Last year “V” tail Bonanza produced