Specialized Pitts/High Performance Training
by Budd Davisson's Plus 5 Aviation, LLC

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Who Are We?

Budd in Pitts Small

I have 50 years and over 7,000 hours of dual-given just in the pattern teaching people to master the Pitts on the ground and in the air. Others specialize in akro, which I do as well, but I prefer to concentrate on overcoming the mystique of the Pitts and similar airplanes on the ground. It's not that hard. I really mean it when I say teaching Pitts landings is fun and I've never had a single student who didn't come to enjoy it.?

How Much do We Charge and What do we Teach?

We charge $420/hr plus $60/hr for ground school (there's about 3.5 hours of that). Our Pitts is a long-gear S-2A so the attitude is identical to the S-2B/C. In landing, there is no difference between an S-2A/B/C and we can duplicate S-1C or S-1S characteristics and sight picture. We also train for the Pitts Model 12 (Macho Stinker), Skybolt and all other high performance taildraggers. We also lease an S-2C for those who want training specific to that airplane.

Pitts sideview

Our goal in this training is to make pilots comfortable in the airplane in ANY wind on ANY runway, not just long, wide ones. Even though we have a 80 ft wide, 8,000 foot runway, we only use the first 1,600-2,000 feet and will, if you want, work you down to where you're using only half of the width. You'll average 6-10 landings an hour and you'll learn to handle the airplane in all sorts of unusual situations and emergencies.

What's Required and How Long Does it Take?

If you have no tailwheel time, we suggest getting a tailwheel endorsement first, although this isn't a requirement, just a recommendation. Then, spend a couple of hours in the pattern flying something like a Citabria from the back seat to get used to the sight picture. This will shorten your training time in the Pitts considerably. However, we often start tailwheel students from scratch.

Depending on background and experience as well as what you are transitioning into (single-place, two-place Pitts, Model 12, etc.), figure 8-14 hours for the transition, although that seems to vary all over the block and is impossible to predict. We fly 2.0-2.2 hours a day, so you'll need a minimum of 5 to 6 days on site, exclusive of travel time. Most students arrive Sunday evening, stay in the B & B, and leave the following Saturday afternoon.

We Teach Akro Too

Our akro courses are custom tailored to the student and his/her goals but generally break down this way:

-3 hours -- goes through the basic maneuvers, loops, rolls, inverted flight, spins.

-5 hours -- introduces a few more maneuvers and works at proficiency on the maneuvers.

-10 hours -- includes most maneuvers in the intermediate sequence and develops
proficiency in them.

Most people opt for a combination of the five hour course with several hours in the pattern experiencing Pitts landings, whether they intend to fly a Pitts or not, just so they have some familiarity with it.

Accommodations at a Good Price

Because hotel rates in the Scottsdale area are quite high, we have professional, luxurious accommodations available for $115/night /room ($10 extra for two people, same room) which includes a continental breakfast. The rooms are quite nice, self-contained and totally private. A large swimming pool and resort atmosphere are part of the package.

One upside to staying in Our Place is that the ground school NEVER ends. It's an all-encompassing Pitts Experience.

No smoking indoors. Try not to arrive after 10 pm, please, without prior arrangements. Let us know if you're allergic to dogs or cats so we can treat the rooms accordingly.


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Directions to the Airport

For planning purposes, we are located on Scottsdale Airport which is in the northeast corner of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Figure a 35 minute drive from Sky Harbor airport including traffic. DO NOT GO TO THE AIRPORT FIRST. CALL US ON ARRIVAL (602-738-2045) AS OUR GROUND SCHOOL ISN'T GIVEN AT THE AIRPORT.

Fastest route is to jump on 202 East, right out of the airport to the 101 north. Take that to Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Exit and head West to Scottsdale Road. Go south on Scottsdale Rd to Butherus/Greenway and you'll see the airport entrance sign. Turn left. Go in the airport until the road "T"s at a stop sight. Turn left at the stop sign and go to the last building on your right, Landmark Aviation, North Complex. I'll meet you in the lobby.

Directions to Our Place:
Give us a call at 602-738-2045 (CELL)
or e-mail us at buddairbum@cox.net for directions.

It is less than 20 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport.

Plus 5 Aviation, LLC
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