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Website Links

The following listings are grouped as logically as possible. To make certain you didn't miss an important website, it may show up in two or more sections. The most fun websites are in the Non-Aviation section. Have fun and, if you run across a website you think we should be listing, let us know.

As we stumble across new and interesting sites, we'll toss them in here so keep coming back. We'll add the new stuff at the back.

General Aviation websites
These listings are those that general aviation pilots, meaning non-sport aviation pilots, would find most helpful. Some important calculators are included including one for density altitude.

Sport/Recreational Aviation Websites
Sites that will help the homebuilder are listed as well as a number of sites that focus on vintage or antique airplanes as well as a few that are just plain neat, like the one that tracks down all 320 original Fokker Dr.1 Triplanes in WWI.

Non-Aviation Websites
These are a little of everything and delve into stuff like military stats on POW's, color pictures from WWII, an unreal site dedicated to craftsmanship, etc. You'll just have to take a look.