Motorcycles, Wierd and Wonderful...and Goofy

It's amazing the work people put into some of these bikes. I'd like a basic, Captain America/Easy Rider chopper, but I'm smart enouigh to know I've already used up my nine-lives-on-a-motorcycle. Still, I'd like to build one.

motor opener
I can't begin to identify the engine. Obviously automotive, as is the concept on the suspension, probably torsionbars and kingpins for mounting the wheels. Very sophisticated.
You'll see a couple of variations on using the Rotec experimental airplane engine, which ain't cheap! About $12K!

I wonder if the stabilizing wheels retract. This is an inventive use for old tractor tires isn't it?

V8 powered Trikes are becoming as common as belly buttons, but this one had some exceptionally well done body work.
And in counterpoint to the trike on the left: this would be your basic redneck traveling bathroom, right?
This actually would have a practical application: if you lived in a swamp, bog or overwatered your backyard. Trikes are easy for a creative type with a welding torch to play with because suspension and drive train is easier to work out.
Don't you hate it when this happens. Bike-eating trees suck!
...and the trike is pretty nice too.
I like his onboard theft system.
Another Rotec. This one will cool better.
Wonder if the rear seat is for the mother-in-law
There some practicality showing in this one.
I don't think I know what to say!
Yes, it's actually that big. The engine is 410 cubic inches and appears to be built around a couple of Pratt and Whitney jugs.
Very slick V8 job, but I don't know about the Caterpiller color scheme.
Yawn! Another V8 .
A herd of chainsaws on the roll! You have to wonder what it sounds like, right?
Some more chainsaws? Maybe showmobile engines? Dunno.