The ever present Browning .30 machine gun, this one being the light weight AN2. What makes this one unique is that it's mounted on the mount that goes in the back of the AT-6's that were fitted with the fold-up rear canopy so the gun could fire facing rearward. The same airplanes had back seats that swiveled around to face the same direction. Caliber .30-06 for those who didn't know.
This "normal" looking Broomhandle Mauser was one of the very first automatic pistols and is fairly common, as it was produced in a number of different countries. What sets this one apart and makes it ultra rare is that it's select fire. It can fire full auto, as a machine pistol. An insane machine pistol.
This little switch increases the value of the piece about ten fold, as it's not only rare, but this one is fully licensed and transferrable. The owner says it fires about 1000 rounds per minute but only the first round goes in the same zip code as the target. After that, they are going off over the horizon at a forty-five degree angle and rising. A totally stupid weapon, but seemed like a good idea at the time. Caliber, .30 Mauser
Bren Gun
We had our BAR and the Brits had their Bren Gun, as a squad automatic weapon. In a few ways it was better than the BAR, if nothing else because it held more ammo per mag, 30 versus 20. Originally a Czech design, it could be more finicky than the BAR.
Very few Brens were licensed during the 1968 amnesty period so they are very rare in the collector's market. They are still being manufactured and used in India. Caliber is .303 British, which is similar to the .30-06 but a rimmed cartridge and not quite as effective.
The well known British Sten gun. Both this, and our M-3 Grease Gun were attempts to build the cheapest submachine gun possible and the succeeded. Both weapons cost about eight bucks to make, being nothing but crude machinings and stamped sheet metal. They were, however, very reliable and relatively accurate to about the range you could throw a rock. The Sten was much more accurate than the Grease Gun and fired the standard 9mm round versus our .45 ACP.